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With over 40 years of experience, HUY VIET TAY DO Production and Trading Co.Ltd, has been a leading manufacturer specialized in producing Food - grade Ethanol, Food-grade CO2, and other  By-products. Our food-grade ethanol products with superior-quality the consistency production, have been trusted by many domestic and overseas customer, that specialized in Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries...


Business License : 1800537187



HUY VIET TAY DO produces over 18 million liters of ethanol annually, in which, over 70% for exporting to overseas markets such as : JAPAN,Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, etc.


Produced by the Japanese producing technology, HUY VIET TAY DO's Ethanol products is among the rare products of Vietnam that exceeds the strictly requirements of quality from Japanese and other international customers.




Produced by Japanese technology

Exporting market is 70% for the main countries : JAPAN, Austalia, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore.

Domestic market is 30% for the Northern and the Middle of Vietnam

Capacity : 50,000 litres per day



F&B : Vodka, Whisky, Sake, Sochu, Liquor.

Cosmetic : Perfume & high-grade chemical products

Pharmaceutical: Sanitizing liquid, medical products.




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As sustainable and enviromental developing, the Bamboo parth to factory "being owned by Huy Viet Tay Do" is a great story of convincing residents to connect the 91 national road for the most convenient transportation and a community trafic.


Waterway Advantage

Huy Viet Tay do factory  is located on the Hau Giang riversides, closed to Vam Cong bridges, at the middle of Can Tho city and Long Xuyen city, near the Can Tho air port... all means of transportation can easily reach Huy Viet Tay Do factory with the most competitive cost by road, by ship or by air as well.


Advantages of MATERIAL ZONE :

Material for RICE ethanol production:

Especially to Rice ethanol, Huy Viet Tay Do is more strong in materials source, due to Mekong delta is the biggest rice zone with highest capacity supplying in Vietnam :

- Rice with best quality

- Rice with lowest price

- Rice with innitiative harvest time

Storage capacity : 1,000 tons


Material for MOSLASSES ethanol producton:

Around Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, many high capacity sugar factories as Soc Trang, Can Tho, Phung Hiep, Ben Tre,.... Becomes our big suppliers of sugar cane molasses as our main material for Molasses ethanol production.

Storage capacity : 5,000 tons



Advantages of FUEL

Located in the middle off Mekong delta as the biggest rice zone in Vietnam, as a part of our Environmental policy, Huy Viet Tay Do completely control the source of rice husks with following good points:

- Being  wasted product from rice, the Rice Husk is a green - abundant fuel.

- Rice husk cost is the cheapest compared to gas and oil.



Liquid CO2 + Dry Ice

Being released from the ethanol producing process, Huy Viet's CO2 is really pure with food-grade standard 


- Food stuffs processing

- Seafood strorage & packaging 

- Industry washing, electric weilding


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CMS (condensed molasses solubles) 


The wasted soluble from molasses ethanol distillation is called Vinasses as moslasses distilled residue. The Vinasses then being condensed for CMS (Condesed Molasses Soluble).Both mosslasses distillation residue and CMS have very high nutritious contesnts which completety can be used as liquid fertilizer to soil and plants in order to improve the fat land and harvest capacity.



CMS Applications:

- Farming: High contents of macronutrients, intermediate nutrition and micronutrients for the good growth of roots, leaves, stems & flowers.

- Aquaculture: Stabilizing pH & clening enviroment.

- Animal feed : Richly essential amino acids for humans and animals that they cannot synthesize by themselve.

- Construction: Being useful material for admixture and concrete formula.


Rice DDGS : Being collected from Rice fermentation with such very high Protein and combined acid amin. Rice DDGS at Huy Viet Tay Do is richly nutrituous material source for animal feed.


Yeast residue : (after distillation) : Is the by-product extracted from Molasses fermetation and raw-ethanol producing. During fermetation, molasses turn into raw-ethanol togerger with molass residue including Yeast residue, then Yeast will be seperated from molasses residue

Application:The Yeast is nutritious material for animal feed with very high content of Protein and essential acid amin


Rice Husk Ash : Is the by-product collected from the rice-husk vaporization:

- As main material of fertilizers, especially Kalli

- As the stable recycled Silica.

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